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Aquatic plants  [invasives are indicated in red]

 fragrance of  candy grows in winter, even with snow nearby
Fragrant  Waterlilly (Nymphaea odorata) watercress
(Nasturtium officinale)
(Lemna minor)
 ducks eat its  seeds
Yellow Pondlily
(Nuphar luteum)
Cattail (Typha  latifolia) Cattail (Typha  latifolia)
tubers were  an important source of starch   for  the Lenape  Arrowhead flower - August - Pickerel weed <br>(Pontederia cordata)
Arrowhead 1
(Sagittaria latifolia)
Arrowhead 2
(Sagittaria latifolia)
Arrowhead  3
(Sagittaria latifolia)
Pickerel Weed
(Pontederia cordata)
little white flowers at  the  surface, dense green  mesh under water
Fanwort [invasive]
(Cabomba  caroliniana)
Water Chestnut [invasive] 
(Trapa natans)
Broad-leaved Pondweed
(Potamogeton natans)
 Kidneyleaved Mudplantain
(Heteranthera reniformis)
(Brasenia schreberi)
Also  named marsh seedbox, Onagraceae family, native to  Florida, mostly  introduced by  fishtanks owners
Callitriche (Callitriche_heterophylla) Floating Pennywort
(Hydrocotyle ranunculoides)
  Water purslane [invasive]
(Ludwigia palustris)
    Common Reed  (Phragmites australis)